PhD, Iowa State University, 2019 (expected)

Rhetoric and Professional Communication (major)
Applied Linguistics and Technology (major)

Dissertation: [in progress]
Supervised by Jo Mackiewicz (co-chair), Bethany Gray (co-chair), David Russell (committee member), Sowmya Vajjala-Balakrishna (committee member), and Tracy Lucht (committee member)



MPC, Weber State University, 2013

Professional Communication (major)

Thesis: “Syntactic structures in advertising English: A stylistic analysis comparing print ads from 1885, 1950, and 2000”
Supervised by Sarah Steimel (chair) and Mark LeTurneau (committee member)



BA, Brigham Young University, 2008

English Language (major)
Editing (minor)




Smith, J., Mackiewicz, J., Hanson, D., Fanning, S., & Doan, S. (2016). The communicative work of biology-journal captions: Lessons for technical and professional communication. Technical Communication Quarterly 25(4) 260–277.


Papers In Progress

“A move analysis of captions in academic journals from four disciplines”

“The grammaticalization of said: From attributive adjective to determiner”

“Grammatical enactment in President Obama’s Umpqua address”


Conference Presentations

Smith, J. (2017). “said as a noun modifier in news writing.” Prescriptivism Conference, Park City, Utah

Ballard, T., Smith, J., & Becker, K. (2017). “The words with which we reflect: A study of the language used in student ePortfolios.” Computers and Writing, Findlay, Ohio

Smith, J. (2017). “Writing figure captions: A move–step analysis of captions across disciplines.” Writing Research Across Borders IV, Bogotá, Colombia

Smith, J. (2016). “The grammaticalization of said: From attributive adjective to determiner.” American Association of Corpus Linguistics, Ames, Iowa

Smith, J., Mackiewicz, J., & Hanson, D. (2016). “Favoring egalitarianism through elaborated captions in TPC journals.” Association of Teachers of Technical Writing, Houston, Texas

Mackiewicz, J., Lunsford, K., & Smith, J. (2016). “Basics of coding: Analyzing data and reporting findings.” College Composition and Communication Conference, Houston, Texas

Mackiewicz, J., Fanning, S., Hanson, D., Smith, J., & Doan, S. (2015). “Extra(-textual) value: Doing more with captions.” Association of Teachers of Technical Writing, Tampa, Florida

Smith, J. (2012). “Visual characteristics of billboard advertisements: A study of preferences.” The Visual Communication Conference, Midway, Utah


Courses Taught

(currently teaching) ENGL 314 (online): Technical Communication, Iowa State University

ENGL 314 (face to face): Technical Communication, Iowa State University

ENGL 250: Written, Oral, Visual, and Electronic Composition, Iowa State University

ENGL 150: Critical Thinking and Communication, Iowa State University

DIGHT 230: Print Publishing I, Brigham Young University


Program Director: Study Abroad to Sydney, Australia, Fall 2017

Panelist: “Supporting Student Communication Success: Best Practices for Teaching Foundation Courses,” Iowa State University Brown Bag Series, November 10, 2017

ISUComm Publications Coordinator, 2016–2017

Phorum Communications Officer, Fall 2015–Spring 2016