I’m Jordan Smith. I’m a PhD student studying rhetoric and professional communication (RPC) and applied linguistics and technology (ALT) at Iowa State University (ISU). (I threw that last abbreviation in just for fun.)

I’m primarily interested in a field some people have called English language studies. In my research, I look at the way English is used, how it differs across registers, and what that all means. For my dissertation, I’m using corpus-linguistic methods to study the ways that commonly perpetuated “rules” of English—like when to use lay vs. lie or whether none should be treated as a singular or plural noun—are (or are not) followed in both formal and informal writing. It’s currently a work in progress with a target completion date of April 2019.

Outside of school, I enjoy running (when the weather’s nice), weightlifting, peanut butter Oreos, trying to keep up with what people are saying about popular music, and spending time with my wife and three daughters.




Twitter: @_tjordans