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Showcase yourself

Take advantage of modern, one page web design. Use the opening of your eProfile site to share information about yourself as a scholar or student. This is an important part of your profile as it makes the first impression on users.


ISUComm's eProfiles gives you the freedom to choose how you want to design your professional site. Continue down this page to see more options for your to envision your profile.


Scroll down the page some more and find icons to link to your academic work. See placeholder images that might be spaces to upload videos or presentations. You could even have your own blog chronicling your research, coursework, or general discussions on topics that interest you.

ISUComm's eProfiles is based on the WordPress platform, giving you the freedom to create a page just the way you want. Below you can see how you might display your professional work for users to find easily. Create icons for visual aids and buttons for quick linking.



Create icons for your work. This one represents publications, whether they are journal articles or books. Add a button below that links to your publications.



Create icons for your work. This one represents conference presentations and maybe workshops. Add a button below that links to your presentations.



Create icons for your work. This block introduces your teaching style and pedagogy. Add a button below that links to your teaching philosophy.



Create icons for your work. This one shows your research or literature review your currently working on. Link a button to your research blog here.

Not sure how to start? ISUComm's Online Learning Team is here to help you.

below you will find links to support articles, video tutorials, and consultations

Support Documentation

The Online Learning Team has created an extensive list of support articles for you to learn how to navigate WordPress and create your eProfile with a minimal learning curve. Our documentation provides step-by-step instructions with screenshots for specific tasks that are foundation to publishing your work online. Learn everything from site planning, creating pages and posts, to setting up navigation and visual theming options. Beginners will feel comfortable in no time. Find and article now >

Video Training

Iowa State University offers free access to video training through Lynda.com. Here you will find essential training for the WordPress content management system that is used for all of ISUComm's platforms. Follow along as professional web designers provide screencast tutorials complete with audio and full transcriptions. Broken up into small chapters, you can scaffold your learning by watching chronologically or search for a specific task.   Begin training today >

Consultations and Workshops

ISUComm's Online Learning Team has been the lead developer of the electronic sites platforms. The OLT is available for one-on-one consultations to help in any stage of your eProfile process. You can bring troubleshooting issues, discussing theming options, or learn ways to extend the functionality of WordPress through plugins. ISUComm also hosts workshops throughout each semester. These events are a chance to collaborate, share, and even inquire if an eProfile is for you. Schedule a consultation >

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